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The Amazing new JML Dual Color LED's COMING SOON!

The Amazing new JML Dual Color LED's COMING SOON!

@thenewvernontruckwash Be the first to have these dual revolution LEDs! #ledtrucklights #truckerlife #ledlights ##truckshow #bigrigs #dualrevolutions #watermelonledlights #trucking #peterbilt #kenworth #semitruck #dualrev ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim

Start the countdown! Dual revolution LED lights are on their way.  One LED lightbulb can shine two different colors and in about two weeks we’ll have them in our store. 


There are 10 pairs of color options:


Amber / Green

Amber / Red

Amber / Purple

Amber / Blue

Amber / White

Red / Green

Red / Purple

Red / Blue

Red / White

Blue / White


These LEDs are redesigned and improved with


  1. chrome aluminum housing,
  2. An anti-burn system with temperature sensors,
  3. They’re brighter than the first generation, and
  4. These redesigned lights are built to last longer.


We know you’re excited and so are we.  Be one of the first to have these.  We’ll give you 10% off if you let us know what you like before October 31st, 2023 and we’ll ship them out when they’re ready and they’re in stock.


Don’t miss out on being part of this huge trend.  Get yours today!

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