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JML 1157 Dual Color LED's Now in Stock!

JML 1157 Dual Color LED's Now in Stock!

Dual color LED’s are here! On bulb with two color options that change at the flip of a switch! Choose from 10 color combinations and customize your truck! Get yours today!

JML 1157 Dual Color LED's Now in Stock!


Dual color LEDs are in stock and ready to ship.  That’s one lightbulb with two different colors and it changes at the flip of a switch.


With 10 color combinations to choose from, like the red to blue on the screen, pick your favorite color to customize your truck.


Amber / Green

Amber / Red

Amber / Purple

Amber / Blue

Amber / White

Red / Green

Red / Purple

Red / Blue

Red / White

Blue / White


These LEDs can replace any 1157 bulb, whether its inside your cab or on the exterior of your truck.  And they look incredible under a glass watermelon light. 


Call, email, or check our website to get yours today.  Hurry, before we sell out.

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