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New 1156 and 1157 LED automotive lights!

New 1156 and 1157 LED automotive lights!

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These are our new LED lights, clearly very bright. We have been asked about these LED lights a lot lately and they are so simple to use you just twist them in twist them out.  Very quick!

These things last longer, they are brighter, more efficient, they have better visibility, they are more durable.

These things are way better than your average light bulb, white, blue, red.

These LEDs come in the 1156 which is the single action. There is one connector, it is meant for off/on lighting.

We also have the dual action the 1157. It is good for brake lights, and it is also good for the front signal indicator and lighting.

Both are in stock. These LEDs are the way to go! Definitely look into getting these, we are your best spot to get them.

Come by the New Vernon Truck Wash. Class is a clean truck and we will make sure that you get taken care of! Come on by, swing by!

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