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Twisted Shifterz - Custom Made Shift Knobs!

Twisted Shifterz - Custom Made Shift Knobs!

Twisted Shifterz, hasthe largest selection of custom-made shift knobs available anywhere. Their stock includes thousands of customized shift knobs for a wide variety of vehicles, both new and old. Choose from hundreds of colors and color combinations, as well as other patterns like glitter, pearls, marble, flames, stripes, multi-color, stainless steel, aluminum, and more! They have options for threaded and non-threaded shifters and can even provide shifter adapters, so you can use our custom shift knobs on just about any vehicle. They also have options for semi-trucks! Their ShifTopperz adapters are perfect for adding a custom shift knob to your truck.


@thenewvernontruckwash Come get your favorite shifters from Cindy’s Chrome Shop at The New Vernon Truck Wash! #tiktoktruckers #twistedshifterz #chromeshop #PostitAffirmations ♬ Jupiter & Mars - ARDN


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