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Forever Sharp Steering Wheels: The Best Steering Wheel Upgrade for Semi Truck Drivers

Forever Sharp Steering Wheels: The Best Steering Wheel Upgrade for Semi Truck Drivers


@thenewvernontruckwash Check out these @Forever Sharp Steeri 14 inch steering wheels with interchangeable vinyl half wrap that allows you to customize your steering wheel to match your interior. With choice of powder matte black or billet aluminum as a base, you can add a choice of color to the wheel. #steeringwheel #customsteeringwheel #14inchsteeringwheel #foreversharpsteeringwheels #foreversharp #peterbilt #kenworth #truckerlife #truckertok2022 #customtrucks #truckshowlife #truckshow ♬ Same Cycle Different Day - xJ-Will
These steering wheels come with an interchangeable half wrap for a quick and affordable customization. With just five screws you can remove the half wrap and replace it with your favorite color The wrap just clicks into place and then you screw it in for securing. It has smooth finger indentations for a comfortable and secure grip. Measuring 14 inches, this steering allows for more room between the driver and the steering wheel. The steering wheel comes in powder coated matte black, or a polished aluminum finish. The final piece of this customization is the horn contact. Coming in matte black and polished aluminum varieties. It only takes 2 wires to connect this contact. With the red hot wire and the black grounding wire your horn will be sounding in no time. Slip the wires through the hole in the steering wheel and connect it all to the base with 5 screws. If you have a 6 hole wheel there are adapters to make it a 5 hole. The adapters are sold separately. Find it all at the New Vernon Truck Wash.


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