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Chippewa's Fragrant Zone Air Fresheners

Chippewa's Fragrant Zone Air Fresheners! Smell Delicious!

@thenewvernontruckwash Chippewa’s Fragrance Zone air fresheners come in a variety of scents and have been trucker favorites for over 89 years. Our favorite is Bouquet! Or Blue Fire! We can’t decide! Just pour your favorite scent into a sleek, compact diffuser tin and your whole truck will smell great immediately. Try different scents by switching out replacement pads. It’s simple. Get yours today! #chippewasfragrantzone #chippewas #chippewababy #airfreshener #smellsgoodinhere #smellsgood #truckerlife #truckersoftiktok #truckwash #thenewvernontruckwash #fragrance #truckairfresnher ♬ Funk Rave - Don´t Let Me Down 140 Bpm - kirtap

Are you looking to try all these amazing Chippewa air freshener scents?

All you’ll need are your scents of choice, one of these diffuser tins, and a replacement pad for each scent you would like to try.

When you’re ready to try a new scent, take the existing sponge pad out of the diffuser and wipe or wash the inside of the diffuser tin. You can use warm water and light soap.

Get one of your thin replacement pads and place it into water so that it may expand into sponge form.  Wring the water out so the sponge is dry or nearly dry, and then place it into your diffuser tin; it’s ready to go.

Pour on a bit of your favorite scent and close then place it under the seat of your car, truck, in your shop, office, or in your bathroom – wherever you want the room to smell amazing. 

Find your favorite scents, diffuser tins, and replacement pads at The New Vernon Truck Wash – online or in store.

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