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"Same Sh!t Different Day" Playful Pig - Logo Short Sleeve T-Shirt

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Color: Black

Infuse Your Daily Grind with Attitude and Style in the 'Cindy's Chrome Shop' Same Sh!t Different Day T-Shirt - Elevate Your Attitude!

Add a dash of humor and a whole lot of style to your trucking journey with the 'The New Vernon Truck Wash' Same Sh!t Different Day T-Shirt. This statement piece isn't just clothing – it's an emblem of your trucking spirit and determination.

Key Features for Trucking Enthusiasts:

  • Unleash Your Inner Sass: Embrace your daily grind with a touch of humor and a lot of style. The "Same Sh!t Different Day" slogan on this t-shirt adds a playful edge to your attitude.

  • Charming Pig Logo: The playful pig logo further accentuates the fun and uniqueness of this t-shirt, inviting smiles and camaraderie from fellow truckers.

Highlighting Features:

  • Uncompromising Comfort: Crafted from 100% preshrunk cotton, this t-shirt guarantees comfort and breathability, ensuring you stay at ease throughout your trucking adventures.

  • Available in Sizes Medium-4XL: This t-shirt caters to a range of sizes, ensuring the perfect fit for every trucker who wants to make a style statement.

  • Durability Redefined: Designed for the long haul, this t-shirt stands strong against the rigors of the road and daily wear, promising unwavering durability.

  • Attitude for Every Day: Perfect for injecting humor and a touch of cheekiness into your routine, making it a must-have addition to your trucking wardrobe.

Elevate your daily grind with the 'The New Vernon Truck Wash' Same Sh!t Different Day T-Shirt, available in sizes Medium-4XL. It's more than just clothing; it's a symbol of your determination, style, and trucking camaraderie.

Revamp your attitude and style with the 'The New Vernon Truck Wash' Same Sh!t Different Day T-Shirt – Where Sass Meets Trucking Spirit.


  • Playful slogan "Same Shit, Different Day"
  • Crafted from 100% preshrunk cotton
  • Available in sizes Medium-4XL
  • Designed for durability

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