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JML_Kustoms -1157 Dual Color LED Bulb (Multiple Color Options)

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Color: Amber / Green

Introducing the groundbreaking 1157 Dual Color LEDs from JML LED Lights - the must-have lighting innovation that will take your semi truck customization and driving experience to new heights. Be among the first to own these cutting-edge light bulbs, meticulously designed to revolutionize semi truck and automotive lighting.

This JML Kustoms' 1157 Dual Color LED Bulb has undergone a complete redesign and improvement process, setting new standards for performance and durability. Housed in robust chrome aluminum, these bulbs not only exude a sleek appearance but also feature an advanced anti-burn system with a built-in temperature sensor. This intelligent system ensures optimal temperature control, preventing burnouts and prolonging the lifespan of these exceptional LEDs.

Experience the power of brightness with our second-generation bulbs that shine even brighter than their predecessors. Navigate the roads with enhanced visibility and clarity, ensuring safety and confidence during your journeys. Additionally, their improved design guarantees a longer-lasting performance, outshining the previous version with superior durability and reliability.

With an impressive array of 22 available color combinations, you can effortlessly personalize your lighting to match your unique style and preferences. Choose from captivating dual color options such as Amber/Green, Amber/Red, Amber/Purple, Amber/Blue, Amber/Pink, Amber/Dark Purple, Amber/Cyan, Red/Green, Red/Purple, Red/Blue, Red/Pink, Red/Dark Purple, Red/Cyan, Amber/White, Red/White, Blue/White, Pink/White, Dark Purple/White,  Cyan/White, Amber/Dark Green, Dark Green/White, and Red/Dark Green. These versatile dual color choices open up endless possibilities to create a distinctive and eye-catching look for your semi truck interior and exterior.


Installation is a breeze with the easy straight-pin bullet point, which doubles contacts for seamless connectivity. The offset pin adds to the convenience, making these bulbs a perfect fit for your vehicle's high and low lighting needs.

Specifically designed for watermelon-style glass lenses, these LED bulbs produce a mesmerizing star pattern that adds a unique touch to your vehicle's appearance. Stand out in a sea of ordinary lights and turn heads wherever you go.

Sold individually, our 1157 Dual Color LED Bulbs give you the flexibility to customize your vehicle's lighting according to your specific requirements. Each bulb is a testament to quality craftsmanship, promising exceptional performance and reliability.

Upgrade your lighting game with the innovative JML LED Lights' 1157 Dual Color LED Bulb. Elevate your driving experience with enhanced brightness, dual-function capabilities, and a touch of uniqueness. Illuminate the road ahead with confidence and style, and experience the future of automotive lighting.


  • JML LED Lights - 1157 Dual Color LED Bulb  (Multiple Color Options)
  • Redesigned and Improved 1157 Dual Color Bulbs
  • Anti-burn System w/ Temperature sensor 
  • Brighter and Longer Lasting than Comparable LED Bulbs
  • Robust Chrome Aluminum Housing Material
  • Easy Straight-Pin Bullet Point to Double Contacts
  • Designed for Watermelon-Style Glass Lenses
  • Sold Individually
  • Quality Made Product
19 (Dual Color) Options:
  • Amber / Green
  • Amber / Red
  • Amber / Purple
  • Amber / Blue
  • Amber / Pink
  • Amber / Dark Purple
  • Amber / Cyan
  • Red / Green
  • Red / Purple
  • Red / Blue
  • Red / Pink
  • Red / Dark Purple
  • Red / Cyan
  • Amber / White
  • Red / White
  • Blue / White
  • Pink / White
  • Dark Purple / White
  • Cyan / White

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