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Forever Sharp - 16" Aluminum Billet "Muscle" with Vinyl Half Wrap (Horn Sold Separately)

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Color: Black

Upgrade Your Semi Truck Interior with Forever Sharp's "Muscle" Style Steering Wheel

Revamp your semi truck's interior with the exceptional quality and sleek design of Forever Sharp's "Muscle" Style Steering Wheel. Crafted to offer both style and comfort, this steering wheel combines outstanding craftsmanship with customizable half wrap colors to perfectly match your vehicle and personal style.

  • Enhanced Grip with Finger Indentation: The backside of each wheel features a machined smooth and comfortable finger indentation. This thoughtful design ensures a secure and confident grip, enhancing your driving experience.

  • High Polished Aluminum: Crafted from high polished aluminum, this steering wheel exudes sophistication while offering durability that withstands the demands of the road.

  • Aircraft Standard Aluminum: Forged from aircraft standard 6061 aluminum, this steering wheel boasts exceptional strength and performance, promising longevity and reliability.

  • Optimal Dimensions: With a 15.75" diameter and a 1.75" dish depth, the "Muscle" Style Steering Wheel strikes the perfect balance between comfort and control.

  • 5 Hole Wheel Bolt Measurement: Featuring a 5-hole wheel bolt measurement of 1.6" or 5x70mm PCD, this steering wheel ensures a secure fit for your semi truck.

  • Quick Customization: The interchangeable half wrap feature allows for easy and affordable customization. Choose the half wrap colors that perfectly complement your semi truck's interior and your personal style.

  • Interchangeable Horn Button: Customize your steering wheel further with interchangeable horn buttons (sold separately), adding a touch of personalization to your rig's interior.

  • Designed for Big Rig Hub Adapters: This steering wheel fits seamlessly with our Big Rig hub adapters (sold separately), ensuring a perfect match and enhanced functionality.

Upgrade your semi truck's interior with the exceptional craftsmanship and style of Forever Sharp's "Muscle" Style Steering Wheel. Explore the possibilities of customization, comfort, and control, all while making a statement of excellence every time you take the wheel.


  • Backside finger indentation for grip
  • High polished aluminum 
  • Forged from aircraft standard 6061 aluminum
  • 15.75" diameter
  • 1.75" dish depth
  • 5 hole wheel bolt measurement (hole-to-hole): 1.6" or 5x70mm PCD
  • Interchangeable half wrap for quick and affordable customization
  • Interchangeable horn button (sold separately)
  • Fits our Big Rig hub adapters. (sold separately)
  • Will need different bolts with a wider head to fit smaller vehicle adapters.


  • Steering Wheel (included)
  • Half Wrap (included)
  • Horn Button (sold separately)
  • Vehicle Adapter (sold separately)

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