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Chippewa's Fragrant Zone Liquid Air Freshener - 16 Captivating Scents - 4 oz. Bottles

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Discover the refreshing variety of scents with Chippewa's Fragrant Zone Liquid Air Freshener - your ultimate solution to freshening up any space. Say goodbye to unpleasant odors as our Fragrant Zone works its magic to neutralize and replace them with tantalizing fragrances.

Indulge your senses in an array of captivating scents that will transport you to a world of delightful aromas:

  1. Bouquet - Chippewa's Fragrant Zone's "Old Faithful" since 1928, a deep and rich blend of floral aromatics.
  2. Wild Cherry - A sweet scent of fresh, hand-picked cherries.
  3. Pine Needles - A smooth and mild fresh pine scent.
  4. Tangy Lemon - A tangy and tart lemon scent.
  5. Spice - A variety of spice scents and clove for a warm, distinctive aroma.
  6. Branded Leather - The aromatic essence of hand-crafted leather.
  7. Vanilla Esque - A strong, long-lasting vanilla fragrance.
  8. Blue Fire - A bold, masculine aroma.
  9. Zesty Orange - Zesty orange with a balance of citrus.
  10. Warm Sandalwood - A warm and woodsy aroma with a hint of mystery.
  11. Addies Coconut Lime - Tropical coconut with a blend of lime and musk.
  12. Sunshine Breeze - Light and clean like a soft summer wind.
  13. Tropical Twist - A delicate blend of fresh tropical fruits.
  14. Crisp Apple Cinnamon - Fresh orchard apples topped with ground cinnamon.
  15. Strawberry - Garden-fresh plump, ripe strawberries.
  16. Patchouli Jayne - Warm, rich patchouli blended with a hint of masculinity and mild sweetness.
  17. Full Moon - An alluring and distinctive masculine fragrance.
  18. Lobo Moon - A brisk, outdoorsy, and robust scent.

Chippewa's Fragrant Zone Air Freshener comes in 4 oz. bottles, providing you with a generous supply to keep your surroundings smelling delightful. To enjoy a long-lasting smell, diffuse your favorite fragrance using Chippewa's Round Diffusor Tins or Chippewa's Rectangle Diffuser Tins.

The process is simple and effective. Open the lid of the Diffuser Tin, pour your favorite Fragrant Zone air perfume onto the absorbent material, close the lid, and place the Diffuser Tin in your desired location. The absorbent material will slowly release the fragrance, creating a pleasant and inviting environment that lasts.

Re-apply air perfume as desired to maintain a constant burst of freshness. With Chippewa's Fragrant Zone Liquid Air Freshener and our Diffuser Tins, you can effortlessly enjoy captivating scents that transform any space into an aromatic haven. Elevate your surroundings and indulge in a world of delightful aromas today.


  • A variety of captivating scents to freshen up any space and neutralize odors.
  • Choose from an array of delightful aromas, including Bouquet, Wild Cherry, Pine Needles, Tangy Lemon, Spice, Branded Leather, Vanilla Esque, Blue Fire, Zesty Orange, Warm Sandalwood, Addies Coconut Lime, Sunshine Breeze, Tropical Twist, Crisp Apple Cinnamon, Strawberry, Patchouli Jayne, Full Moon, and Lobo Moon.
  • Each bottle contains 4 oz. of pure fragrance
  • Provides a long-lasting supply for continuous freshness.
  • To use, apply to Chippewa's Round Diffusor Tins or Chippewa's Rectangle Diffuser Tins and place under the seat of the vehicle. Re-apply as desired.

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