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Bullsnot! Dash-A-Bull Interior Cleaner

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DashABull is an easy-to-use interior detail cleaner for your
dashboards, vents, instrument clusters, moldings, consoles, and tinted
windows. DashABull is anti-fog, fast drying, and non-streaking. It repels
finger smudges, dirt and dust. Increased usage will protect against wear
& scratching. Contains no chemicals that will cause damage to any plastic.


Safe for all paint types. Apply a light mist to the clean surface of your vehicle. Wipe with a dry, clean towel or micro fiber. Re-wipe for a high, intense gloss.

Product Features:

  • Repels Dirt, Dust, And Finger Smudges
  • Anti-fog And Fast Drying
  • Greaseless & Streakless
  • Use On Dashboards, Vents, Molding, Tinted Windows
  • Matte Finish
  • Safe For All Plastic

Made in the USA

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