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BullSnot! Alum A Bull Aluminum Wheel Cleaner & Polish

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BullSnot! AlumABull aluminum wheel cleaner & polish is the perfect solution for restoring a bright, shiny finish to aluminum, stainless steel, and chrome. Its unique foam-type formula removes tarnish and oxidation without the use of corrosives, abrasives or petroleum distillates, leaving a protective coating to shield from future tarnish. Restoring and protecting your surfaces has never been easier.


Ideal for aluminum, stainless steel, and chrome wheels, boxes, and tanks.  Just tilt can and spray foam onto a damp pad.  Rub metal surface vigorously.  Polish with a dry, soft cloth.  If used on surfaces contacting food, after polishing, wash well with soap and water and dry thoroughly.  WEAR PROTECTIVE GLOVES as this stuff works and your hands will get dirty.  SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING.

Product Features:

  • Safe for Aluminum, Stainless Steel & Chrome
  • Cleans & Polishes Aluminum Wheels
  • Leaves Protective Coating
  • Contains No Corrosives, Abrasives, or Petroleum Distillates
  • Restores Metal Shine
  • Foam Type

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